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Five Octaves of Marimba bars cut & faced!

By Jim McCarthy | April 20, 2009

Hi all – today was a very exciting day – or to be more accurate the last 3 days have had an exciting result!

Yep it’s taken me way longer than normal to do the task, but now I have the raw timber cut into five octaves worth of bars all the correct dimensions, and all planed and sanded smooth. It took much longer than normalĀ for this usually quick and simple task because the timber stock I started with was in a pretty basic form. All the edges were very rough and the planks has not been put through theĀ planers at the lumber yard – or even the thicknessing machine. The planks therefore all had very uneven surfaces.

There was quite a bit of work to be done with the plane, then the coarse sanding disk, then the orbital sander with a coarse (40grit) paper to get the bars to an essentially uniform shape with reasonably smooth faces.

It’s raining for the next few days, so I won’t begin tuning yet but that task is next – keep an eye out in the next week!

5 octaves of marimba bars cut to sizer and sanded smooth

5 octaves of marimba bars cut to sizer and sanded smooth

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