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professional five octave concert marimba DIY with building guideThe P524 – Variable Range Concert Marimba

By far the most comprehensive and detailed building guide. This design is suitable for creating a fully professional concert grade marimba with any range at all – especially designed for ranges betwen four and five octaves. It is easy to build and simple to dismantle and transport.

The photo shows the prototype five octave model which was the topic of this blog site.

Discover how to Build the P524 Professional Concert Marimba HERE!

Three Octave DIY Marimba Made at Home from these plans & blueprintsThe P3 – 3 Octave Marimba

By far the most popular building guide yet. This 3 octave design is easy and inexpensive to build and simple to dismantle and transport. Big enough to use as a serious practise instrument or ensemble instrument, yet small enough to fit in an average bedroom without taking over all the space.

Discover how to Build a Three Octave Chromatic Marimba HERE!

Vibraphone - professional DIY vibraphone made at homeThe PV – Pro Concert Vibraphone

A full sized concert vibraphone. Even the complexities of a fully functioning pedal and motor/fans have been made easy to create with this design. Sounds fantastic, and the prototype has already stood up to the test of a rigorous performing tour.

Discover how to Build a Three Octave Pro Vibraphone HERE!

Easily Make a Two Octave DIY Marimba at HomeThe P2 – 2 Octave min-marimba

A great little mini-marimba! Two chromatic octaves make an instrument more serious than any other in the classroom and perfect for the beginning percussion student, but VERY inexpensive and takes up VERY little space. The design is modular so the legs can be made tall enough for a stand up instrument, or short enough for kneel on the floor instrument.

Discover how to Build a Two Octave Chromatic Marimba HERE!

11 note box resonated xylophoneThe P1 – Box Resonated Xylophone

A great project to get you started – make one for just a few dollars! Learn about the theory and practise of tuning marimba and xylophone bars. Make a whole set for the classroom or just make one as a special gift for that special child in your life

Discover how to Build an Easy Box type Xylophone HERE!

Make this two octave chromatic  glockenspiel / metalophone using the plans and building guideThe SG – Simple Glockenspiel

Simply the cheapest instrument you can build! – AND it looks fantastic and has all the advantages of a fully chromatic instrument. Two octave range and adaptable to modification.

Discover how to Build a Simple Glockenspiel HERE!