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New Circumstances from September 24th 2012 mean limited opportunities currently exist for YOU or YOUR SCHOOL or COMMUNITY GROUP. If you are in USA, Australia Canada... I want to hear from you - and will make you a never to be repeated deal. Opportunities are strictly limited though - so email me now!

Do any of the following apply to YOU??
  • You'd like top quality marimbas built especially for you - extremely cheaply.
  • You have mallet instruments already but they could sound cleaner and more in tune.
    Custom DIY marimba built for a school
    Custom DIY marimba built for a school.

  • You'd like your ensembles to have some intensive performance workshops and clinics, with a professional percussionist and educator.
  • You and others would like to be involved in and learn about building marimbas... but need a little expert guidance.
  • You'd like to have the skills to build and repair marimbas yourself.
If any of these things sound like you, then make sure you email me right away, as my schedule will fill quickly. HERE'S WHY......

From 2010 I have been traveling a lot - spening time in the USA and Canada - and working clinics into my schedules. I am currently looking to be more involved in schools and community projects. As of early 2013 I am visiting Canada, but have more trips through USA and back to Australia planned this year. Here are the sort of things I can do for you when I visit your school or community:

making marimba bars
Making marimba bars in a school workshop.
Typically I would visit as little as a day or as long as months.... depending on your needs. In that time I can build marimbas for you, for WAY less than the prices you would normally expect to pay commercially... and I can build my pre-existing designs, OR the exact instruments YOU want. If you want to get the community or students involved also - that's great! I regularly hold clinics on the various aspects of designing and building marimbas and love to pass on those skills.

The benefits don't stop at the instruments themselves though... I can also hold performance workshops with your groups to really give them a boost in marimba techniques and musicianship.

Everyone learns heaps, and has tremendous fun!

Triple tuning marimba bars
Learning to "Triple Tune" marimba bars.
Maybe you already have a bunch of marimbas that don't sound quite as good as they might...?

I can spend some time on my visit giving your current instruments a real overhaul. In almost every case, they will end up sounding and playing... way better than they did when they were new!

So in one visit you can have:

  • Fun & Dynamic Performance Workshops for your ensembles
  • Repair & Overhaul on your current instruments
  • Custom Built New marimbas
  • New marimba building & tuning skills forever! 
No matter whether you use African style marimbas, Orff instruments, or commercial chromatic mallet percussion instruments... I can help you get more from your instruments & ensembles - but only for this limited period. To get in touch with me to discuss your proposal now...


Finished custom built marimba
Finished custom built marimba.

Tuning marimba resonators
Tuning marimba resonators.

Salt testing marimba bars
Salt testing marimba bars.

Assembling the marimba frame
Assembling the marimba frame.

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