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A Beefed up P3 Marimba with all wooden Bolts and Nuts!
(built by Don Blanton)

Don is another customer who is clearly a skilled craftsman, and who just as clearly has a passion more working with wood. His beefed up P3 frame has big wheels and looks ready to roll around a football oval with a marching band if required. Not only that, but he has replaced all the metal bolts and nuts with ones he has hand made from timber! Do YOU want timber nuts n' bolts? Don can make them for you for just $25 US for a set of six. If you are interested email me and I'll put you in touch.

Furthermore - he has used cardboard mailing tubes for his resonators!!

Don's reinforced P3 marimba frame
I am attaching a folder full of pictures of my p3 frame. The ends are Ambrosia Maple, with bottom pieces of Poplar and Rosewood. The A frames are Poplar and Ambrosia Maple. As you can see I made the bottom of each end panel double thick and added casters with locks for ease of moving. I also show pictures of how I made My own wooden bolts and nuts for holding the A frames to the ends. I am purchasing the resonator material now. I am going to finish the frame in Tung Oil with a polyurethane coating for durability. I want the wood to be seen. When all is finished I will send more pictures. I am anxiously awaiting the 5 octave Marimba Project.
Don Blanton"

Small end of P3 marimba frameSquare timber nut to fit between resonator bank horizontals
P3 marimba frame from small endP3 marimba frame from big end
Don is making marimbas sturdier
Close up of timber Bolt end Here's a nice close up of One of Don's wooden bolts. For more CU pics and details about how to get hold of these for yourself, visit the marimba making kits page here.

"Hi Jim:
As you can see in the photos I made a brace from the naturals bar holder to each end of the marimba base. That way I did not have to brace the resonators to the frame. I made my resonators from cardboard mailing tubes. Much less expensive than pvc and much lighter. Painted inside and out they make a very good sound and are very strong. I am thinking about making another marimba in the four octave size. Also my bars are Honduran Rosewood. More expensive than Padouk but sounds much better. Thanks for a great project.
Don Blanton"

Don's finished DIY marimba

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