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Marimba Modifications Archive

mallet storage for box resonated xylophones P1 Mallet Clips
Steve's P1 xylophone - he's slightly altered the plans P1 Timber & Bar Suspension Mod
(from Steve Fowler)
How to prevent bar noise on xylphones, marimbas and viberaphones ALL instruments
(inexpensive - isolating bars from the frame)
Ray's DIY four octave marimba - beautiful marimba making job Extended P3 built by Ray Gengler
(Extended to 4 octaves and quite a few modifications!)
Beefed up P3 marimba frame Beefed up P3 with all Timber Nuts n' Bolts
(from Don Blanton)
extending the P3 octave marimba to four octaves P3 expanded to 4 octaves
(from Manuel Diaz)
using the xylophone making plans to design a new instrument P1 - Using the info to design new instrument.
(from Cathy & Angelica Pugh)
Warren's Modified frame for the P3 marimba P3 - Structural Mods by Warren Manthe
P3 marimba with altered resonator diagonals P3 - Structural Mods by David Grady
wider timber on marimba frame end pieces P3 End section Mod - from Anton
(Using wider timber)
Five Octave P524 Marimba with Mods Five Octave P524 Marimba built by Ross Bailie
(With quite a few modifications!)
Home building a vibraphone Extremely modified PV Vibraphone built by R.B. Smith
(built for a performer in a wheelchair!)
Ryan is now making marimbas P3 Marimba with Resonator mod built by Ryan Baxter
DIY pro concert marimba 5 Octave Pro Concert Marimba built by Bogdan Mitkovski
3 octave DIY marimba design with decorative woodwork P3 marimba with Ornementation
(from M.T. Madakbas)
DIY P3 marimba. Walnut bars and altered frame Nice P3 marimba with modified diagonals
(from David Southward)
making a four octave marimba Four Octave P3 Marimba Modification
(from Kevin Benes)
beautiful DIY P3 marimba Awesome Frame Mods & P3 marimba build
(from Sam DiMaggio)
make a box resonated xylophone Aussie P1 Xylophone built by Ken Neilson
make three octave marimbas Nice P3 Marimba with some small Mods
(by Eric and Sovereign Tindall)
steel frame P3 marimba Steel frame P3 Marimba built by Lachlan Campbell
Burt's DIY P3 marimba Nice P3 Marimba built by Burton Greifer
marimba making for schools P3 Marimba built for a school with mods
(by Matthew Stanway)
box xylophone built for use in schools Nice P1 Orff Xylophone - Extended Range
(by Gidenilson A. Santiago)

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