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Stock P524 Marimba in Tasmania
(by Dean Fausimm)

Dean has build a wonderful five octave marimba pretty much exactly to the P524 guide instructions. The bars and frame look sensational and after we work to sort out a couple of issues with the resonators, I'm sure they will be perfect too!

P524 Marimba in Tasmania
DIY Marimba in Tasmania
Home built Marimba in Tasmania

Photo of the completed marimba, just completed painting the resonators yesterday – but still needs another coat on the middle white bank. It has been playable since new-year’s eve but with PVC showing.

Biggest problem (which still exists) is interference between the black and white low end resonator banks. Unfortunately the short radius bends you had in the instructions weren’t available at the various hardware and irrigation stores in the region so I went with longer radius without realising the consequences. The biggest problem is on the audience side unfortunately as you can see in the second photo. I will put a bend in there. You can also see that I am not the best at keeping above the note during tuning with a lot of bar end correction on the black side in the photo. I also managed to drill the rope holes for the D4 bar (which I had to re-make, and will do again) the correct distance from the bottom of the bar rather than from the top face of the bar. It sits about 5 mm above the surrounding bars. I am very happy with the frame (Tassie Oak) and my daughter is happy with the sound.


Dean David Fausimm

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