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Awesome Colour Scheme P524 Marimba
(by Jeremy Brown)

I absolutely LOVE this build of the P524 Marimba. Jeremy has basically stuck to the plans, but come up with a few small mods - including plugged resonators. He has also managed to get one of the best colour schemes I've seen - this really stands out!

Black bars on custom marimba
Black bars on DIY marimba
Child explores marimba
Hey Jim,

I wanted to let you know I finished the 5 octave I've been working on using your plans and here it is! I made a few other smaller ones with other plans of yours, and then after doing so I felt I was ready to try the big one! :-) I was only able to put in a couple hours a day working on it, but It came together quickly and I was able to finish it in not much time.

Your plans were awesome, and I can't imagine how I would have been able to do it all with out your plans and without your help through your emails. I had a lot of questions and problems I ran into because of the modifications I wanted to do and you were very willing to help me out and offer your knowledgeable advice and suggestions. Thank you so much for being so helpful through the whole process!

Jeremy Brown.

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