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Improved P3 Marimba
(by Dave Williams)

Another fantastic Three Octave Marimba build, this one from Dave Williams. Dave has made a couple of small but cool modifications to help with resonator support and ease of removal. Great stuff!

Nice P3 marimba build
P3 resonator support system 1 P3 resonator support system 2
P3 resonator support system 3
Hi Jim,

I found the construction plans and descriptions excellent. The only slight criticism is that you donít really find out whether the playing height is correct until you have finished the instrument but it is not difficult to cut a small amount off the legs. After researching the different properties of the various timber species I eventually settled for using American white Ash. Whilst not as hard as rosewood etc. it appears to have provided a low cost usable instrument for me to learn on.

The mounting of the resonators was adapted slightly. The plans suggest that the timber block at the top (narrow) end of the instrument may experience some stress. To strengthen this I cut an arch in the end of the framework before assembly and then passed the wooden block through the arch to increase the strength. I was then able to support the resonators by simply drilling a vertical hole through the block and supporting the resonator assembly on a small off-cut of aluminium.

Dave Williams

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