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Custom 5 Octave Marimba
(by Barry Sibson)

Barry completely customised his own frame for the P524 project, and came up with his own bar post design as well - beautifully milled! This great build should never sag and looks like a solid design all over. Practical and good looking.

Custom Five Octave Marimba
Barry's custom marimba
Modified P524 marimba
Modified marimba bar post Modified marimba end post
resonator height adjustment system
Hi Jim, at long last, I finished the 5 octave marimba! The only thing I am worried about is that the low and high notes do not sound as "vibrant" as the middle ones. Is this normal? or perhaps my hearing is the problem ( I am getting on in years). I have only used a couple of home made mallets, one very soft for the low notes and a medium one for the rest. How many mallets should we use for 5 octave instrument? I have checked tuning with my Peterson tuner and also a couple of other brands, all show pretty much the same frequencies (calibrated at 440 Hz.) with external tone generator.

I used a Bruel & Kjaer precision sound level meter in conjuction with a sweep tone generator for tuning the very high resonators, seems to have produced a good result as far as the Peterson iStroboscope software is concerned.

Regards, and thanks for all your help during the project.
Barry Sibson

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