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Great Stock P3 Marimba
(by Vicky and Keith Woeste)

Here's a great example of how a P3 marimba can turn out when you just follow the guide to the letter! Wonderful results guys!

P3 marimba built at home
P3 marimba diy
P3 marimba right from building guide
Dear Jim of,

My husband Keith and I finished our daughter's marimba today, after 4 months' work. We're pretty pleased with how it turned out, and we'd like to share a few photos with you.

We'd like to commend you on the very straightforward writing of the directions. They were as easy to follow as advertised and we couldn't believe ours turned out just like the ones pictured on your website.

Thanks again.
By the way, just for annotation purposes, we made the bars out of pignut hickory and the frame out of red oak.
Vicky and Keith Woeste.

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