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Family Project P3 Marimba
(by the Roberts Family)

This P3 marimba was built as a family project by the Roberts family in WA, USA. This is another time where I just love to see how a project like this brings the whole family together.... then the kids have this wonderful instrument in their lives. Great to see how much enjoyment is involved all round here!

family built marimba

It's all done, Jim. We're very excited about it. One change was that the caps on the PVC prevented some from going next to each other so we used some plugs that go on the inside. An added benefit is that they don't look like PVC with caps on them :) The keys are red oak recovered from an old church in the area. They were the sides of the pews.

Thanks again.
Ian, Julie, Chris, and Cassie Roberts. Marimba mostly built by Papa John.

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