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Steel Field Frame version of the P524 Marimba
(Richard Bandy)

Richard decided to build a 4.3 octave version of the P524 marimba, for a high school in the USA. He decided on a frame that was more similar to the current crop of steel field frames in common use throughout schools in the States these days. So he took the basic P524 design and imposed it on his own steel frame design. Fantastic!

Steel frame marimba DIY
DIY marimba with Field frame
DIY marimba for High School
Here are a few pictures.

Jim, it sounds great too. I know the tunings aren't exact on some of the bars but the variation in how you hit it can affect it alot. I don't have perfect pitch so it doesn't bother me at this point. The high school band director likes it.

Thanks for all the help!


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