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Five Octave Marimba Modified for Portability
(Tracy Furr)

Tracy built a fantastic version of the P524 Marimba with quite a few modifications. The frame has had a metal central horizontal strut to hold the ends together which has enabled Tracy to more easily hinge all the timber support struts. The resonator banks have also been hinged for greater ease of transport. Other modifications include plastic internal plugs for the resonators, along with glued and mitred joints on the bass resonators.

five octave marimba built for portability
5 octave marimba
folding resonators
mitred resonators folding resonators 2
folding resonators 3 folding marimba strut
marimba strut end peg
Here are my pictures of my marimba.

You can see I did a lot of modifying to your design. My resonators especially. I made plastic plugs to go into the PVC that are tight enough that they won't move around unless you really push on them. For my bottom resonators I used PVC glue to join mitered sections together instead of using elbows. My frame is completely collapsible and the resanators can fold in half. The key supports ends that go into the wood were threaded and screwed into the wood.

Hope you like,

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