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Nice P1 Orff Xylophone
(Gidenilson A. Santiago)

Gidenilson has built this P1 xylophone and done a tremendous job. Not only has he modified the box a little, but actually extended the range of the instrument with an extra two notes at the top - a G and A - to make this an 13 note xylophone. He has also made sure the bars are removable in the correct tradition of orff style xylophones, so that he can have interchangeable bars to allow for Bb notes or F# notes.

box xylophone built for use in schools
orff style xylophone
making your own xylophone
"Dear Jim.

I have built the xylophone P1 and was a success!
I will build many others to use in music classes for children in the school and church here in Brazil.

Thanks for the help.

Gidenilson A. Santiago.

P.S. I added the keys G and A and optional F# and Bb (Orff Xylophone)"

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