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Nice P3 Marimba Build
(Burton Greifer)

Burt is from Rhode Island - and a true gentleman. He has built this P3 marimba beautifully and even included a small modification to the resonator banks. Thanks for taking the time to actually POST these photos Burt!

Burt's P3 marimba
making P3 marimbas
the finished DIY marimba
marimba resonator modification
"Dear Jim,

I made one modification on the resonators. Instead of attaching the aluminum strap to the tubes, I simply used double anchor screws. Since I do not intend to move the marimba anyplace it shouldn't be a problem. Besides I now can remove a resonator in order to fine tune, as the sound is good but a couple of the tubes need a little more work. I think the overall tones are quite musical and not clunky wooden sounds.

I have subscribed to Percussion KEYS today. Let The Adventure Begin!!

Best Wishes


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