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Nicely built P3 Marimba with Resonator mod
(Ryan Baxter)

Ryan is a young man who has built this fantastic looking P3 marimba. He also made a small modification to the way the resonator banks fit into the structure. He put slots in the pieces that hold the wingnuts on the small end so that to remove the resonators, you simply slide the small end into the slots, drop the big end down and slide back out. (See picture) Also, he made the the horizontal struts extra wide just for looks. Just for looks as well, he made dummy resonators for the gaps between accidental notes.

Ryan's P3 Marimba with dummy resonators
Ryan's Home built marimba
Modification for marimba resonators
"Hello Mr. Mccarthy,

My marimba is finished and it looks great. I do not know what kind of wood the bars are because they were just wood from an old piano my dad took apart a long time ago, but it is very hard wood, and it worked. I got the PVC pipe free from my dad's work also, which helped lower the cost alot.

It took three months of very spread out work. Here is what it cost me...

Frame/Other - $270
Bars - nothing!
Resonators - nothing!

Thank-you Jim for all of your work to make these plans available. My marimba sounds great!"

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