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Steel frame P3 Marimba
(Lachlan Campbell)

Lachlan is from Brisbane Australia, and has built a beautiful marimba here. He used the P3 marimba building guide as a reference, but made quite a few modifications - including the frame and resonators!

Steel frame P3 marimba
Making steel frame marimbas

A few months ago I purchased the P3 plans off you. Attached are some photos of the finished article.

As you can see, I only partially followed your instructions. Mostly at my peril.....
However, I'm reasonably impressed with the end result.

In case you're interested, the bars, strut and casing are made out of bona fide rosewood. The adjustable stand is stainless steel, and instead of caps for the resonators, I machined nylon plugs for the ends. The accidental 'infills' are made of kauri pine, and the corner pegs are made of gidgee.

For better or worse, the whole thing was made by my dad and myself over about ten days.

We now know why a Yamaha 3 octave version retails for about $7000....

Finally, thanks for the plans, the bar dimensions were super.

Lachlan Campbell"

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