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Nice P3 Marimba with some small Mods
(Eric and Sovereign Tindall)

Eric made this great P3 marimba for his daughter. He has made a few small modifications like better diagonals etc, but mostly he built it perfectly according to the P3 marimba building guide.

P3 marimba making book
P3 marimba building guide
"Hello Jim,

I've finished the marimba from the plans that I purchased from you online. What a great time it was building it with my kids. I used Red Oak for the framework and Paduak for the keys. I destroyed a couple keys before I got the hang of it but in the end I think it sounds really great. My daughter uses it daily to practice and I love hearing it. I made a couple small changes but overall it's per your design. I am hoping to purchase the P524 plans and get started on that soon as well. Thanks for putting these plans together, I would have never attempted it without them. It's a wonderful instrument and it's very exciting that we made it ourselves.

Thank you!

Eric and Sovereign Tindall"

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