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Great P3 marimba build to exact spec
(from Kevin and Kameron Starr)

Kameron and father Kevin, built this P3 marimba project together and had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for sending the photos guys, it is fantastic to see you working together so well and enjoying the process as well as the result.

Stock P3 marimba build

My son and I just finished the P3 today. What a project!!!

The best part of the build was spending time with my son. He has not stopped playing it tonight since we finished it. The unit sounds nice. We have a few clonking keys, but we will check that later to see if something is off. It is cold here in Ohio, so bringing it in and letting it warm up will have an impact on the notes.

We used walnut for the keys and white oak for the frame. We used brass screws everywhere we could with clear tubing for spacers along with burgundy felt. Turned out beautiful.

Thanks for the book. It helped out much.


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