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Nice P3 marimba with Walnut Bars
(from David Southward)

A lovely P3 marimba build here. Pictured is young marimbist Charlie Southward showing good command of the Leigh H. Stevens grip. I love the dark colour of the walnut bars. Charlie - his dad - and HIS dad - all chipped in to build this instrument. They have elected to forego the resonator diagonals in favour of timber ones. This is the first time I've seen it done this particular way with the lower end of the diagonals in the middle - an elegent solution guys!

A Nice P3 marimba with walnut bars
"This marimba was built by me, my dad, and my son Charlie who is in the picture playing it.

I have been reading your 5 octave marimba blog and am awaiting the plans to become available….. My son & I would like to tackle that project as well some day.

Thank you very much for making plans available for these musical instruments, it has been very rewarding making this instrument and hearing the results of our hard work. I made this for approximately $300.00 American. I made the keys out of Black Walnut, the frame out of Red Oak and the resonators out of PVC pipe.

David Southward"

making marimbas with 3 generations of Southwards

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