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A Pair of P1 Xylophones
(built by Warren Manthe)

Warren has already built a few of the makeamarimba dot com designs so when he came to build P1 xylophones, he found it a relatively easy task. He's given these ones to a local school and is currently experimenting with modifications. Last time I heard he had successfully made models with an extended lower range and with a second tiered box for the sharps and flats. Nice Job Warren!

Box resonated DIY xylophones constructed using the P1 xylophone building guide
"Hi Jim,
Congrats - Youve done it again.... P1 is a wonderful project. Attached pics of the two I built top ones notes are saligna, and bottom one rosewood. (The two sound almost identical, so in terms of cost saligna which is cheap here in South Africa is a more viable option.) Im just waiting for the silicone tubing to arrive to finish them. Thanks again,

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