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P2 Marimba
(built by John Corry)

A nice little example of a P2 marimba here. John has used a different colour timber for the sharps for a two tone effect - a bit like on a piano I guess! I reckon this is an interesting idea, and it looks good. John has discovered that one problem is that it has the potential to cause an uneven sound. I'm sure this could be experimented with.

John's DIY Two Octave P2 mini marimba
"Dear Jim
I have had my Marimba completed for some time and I am pretty happy with it. The red box seems to give better sound than the Yellow and some of the lower notes are a bit 'woody' and I plan to remake them. It seems the quality of the Mallet is very important and I guess I need to buy your book. (Get the Guide to making marimba mallets here.)I so enjoyed making this that I may also have a go at a full size one.

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