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If you're into Keyboard Percussion or Mallet Percussion like Marimba, Vibraphone or Xylophone - then Percussion Keys is for YOU!

100% full access to the complete "KEYS" tutorial and video lesson series - your online teacher for marimba, vibraphone & xylophone.
New lessons every month - on topics selected by YOU, the members.
FAQ & Useful Downloads section for Building Mallet instruments AND Playing them.
Exclusive members-only forum. No time wasters here - only people just like us who are into building and learning to play mallet percussion.
Featured Videos &critiques of the month.
Dear percussion friends...

Here's a really exciting opportunity for you!
Up until now there's been very little information available on the internet for those of us interested in learning about mallet percussion. Particularly if you want learn to play marimba or vibraphone - there is absolutely zero in the way of online lessons - in fact you can't even get tutorials on DVD!

At last I have the ultimate solution for you!

The Percussion Keys website & Tutorial series.

Not only do you get full access to the complete series of KEYS tutorials - video lessons teaching you the fundamentals of 2 & 4 mallet technique, scales, arpeggios, chords etc, as well as your first simple performance pieces - You also get the related sheet music free.

Now for the best part.....
In addition to the KEYS tutorials, there are extra lessons & videos every single month which get added to the permanent collection - and YOU ARE AT THE STEERING WHEEL! That's right... the content of these lessons is chosen by YOU the user of this website. Anything you need a little extra help on? Just email me through the website and I'll create a customized lesson on that topic - especially for YOU.

examples of view in video lessons for marimba and mallet percussion.
Videos from YOUR point of view so you can understand them easily

Want more?
As a privileged member of Percussion Keys, you also get access to an exclusive member forum where you can chat to other members in the exact same situation as you.

Want more?
You also get 100% access to the FAQ and Useful Downloads page. If you are interested in Building OR Playing marimbas & vibraphones this is a really valuable resource. You can download extra sheet music as well as diagrams, measurement charts and all sorts of other cool goodies to help you with building percussion instruments. Got something you are not quite sure about with your building project or playing technique? Chances are that I've already answered the question in detail on the FAQ page - if not just ask me via email, and it will be straight away!

Want more?
Videos of the month.... I plough through HEAPs of keyboard percussion related videos on you tube and similar sites so you don't have to waste your time. Each month I select the worthwhile ones and put them on a page for you to see, complete with my critiques or related comments. Many of my students have found this to be a really valuable way to stay motivated and learn. You'll be letting ME waste MY time surfing through all the rubbish so YOU just get the worthwhile stuff.

And don't forget....
All this is in addition to the complete collection of video lessons and tutorials which grows every month.

Sign me up now Jim!

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Who am I?

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Jim McCarthy. I've been teaching and performing percussion of all sorts as a full time job for about 15 years now, and have been helping people over the internet with their playing and with their instrument building projects, for a great deal of that time.

My own obsession with mallet percussion started almost twenty years ago just before I finished High school. I was a music student studying percussion, and had made the decision to study full time at university and get a degree in music performance.

At that time I was more interested in snare drum (I still love it) and thought of mallets as just something I would need to do to audition sucessfully. BUT.... after learning my very first piece on marimba I fell in love with the instrument.

To cut a long story short, my audition was sucessful and I spent the next six years full time aquiring a Master's degree. I also became obsessed with actually building marimbas and built the world's lowest bass marimbas to date.

In more recent years I've worked with many students and schools where access to decent mallet instruments and quality lessons to learn them, is a real problem. I realized a solution was needed, so at the end of 2007 I started and released my first building guides for instruments especially designed to be built easily by the average person even if they had little woodworking knowledge or exxperience.

The membership site you are about to join - Percussion Keys - is especially designed to give you ongoing support in YOUR adventures into the world of mallet percusion. You have access to all the help you need with instrument building as well as tutorials for playing your instrument and even the sheet music is included.

You can even get the perspective and help of others in exactly the same situation as you on your Percussion Keys members only forum.

Your Percussion Keys Membership

Your subscription to Percussion Keys is on a monthly basis.

  Right from day one you get tremendous value because you get full access to the complete "KEYS tutorial series" and ALL the downloads & info.

  You'll wan't to continue your subscription each month because there's new "user driven" video lessons each month, as well as continued access to the member's forum and featured videos of the month, critiques, articles etc.

Plus you get this bonus    First Month = Only $18.90

   Following Months - EVEN CHEAPER at $13.95 p/m

Cool Simple Glockenspiel Building guide!
Your comprehensive building guide comes as a 23 page printable pdf file, along with the layout photos and mp3 files. Its all packaged up in a zip file, which you have instant access to from the membership downloads page.

These great instruments are two fully chromatic octaves. They cost only about 20 bucks each and a day to make.

You get it free just for subscribing so it makes your membership a real no-brainer!

Sign me up now Jim!

Guarantee Of course your membership - like all my products- is fully guaranteed by my 100% satisfaction policy. I don't want your money if you are not happy, so if you are not completely satisfied with your membership simply contact clickbank within 60 days of any billing for a full refund - no questions asked!

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